Minnano Sokuteisho in Chichibu

lab info
lab nameMinnnano sokuteisho in chichibu
address1331-6 shimokagemori chichibu-shi saitama 369-1871 Japan
representitiveKazuaki Sekine, Junko Sano
the person in chargeKazuaki Sekine, Junko Sano
phone number0494-23-9514
web sitehttp://chichibunokai .grassgreen.us  (調整中)
type of organization
measurement object
Food, Soil
We are investigating the contamination levels of radiation in soil and foods with becquerel/Kg(Bq) of Chichibu area that are 300~350 km away from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. 
There are some micro hot-spot in the town or behind forest that exceeds more than 100,000Bq. This shows that the region's level of contamination is quite high.
The internal exposure of radiation caused by the land pollution with the disaster is putting people's life at risk. We recognize this as a violation of human rights. Thus  we are proceeding with the protesting action toward the government and TEPCO.
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