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To those of you who are viewing this site from overseas Thank you for visiting ”Minna no Data Site"
(Combined Database of Independent Radioactivity Measurement Labs) .

MDS has stacked the data measured by the independent radioactivity measurement laboratories
in response to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, As of September 2014,
the number of the food data became nearly 10,000.

For the benefit of those who worry about radioactive contamination of Japan from overseas,
we opened the English site. We have started "East Japan soil measurement project" since October 2014
in addition to the food data.

From the fact that government has not done the enough soil contamination survey for citizens,
this project promotes measuring soils of the places like parks, vacant lots, and educational facilities
where closely related to children's daily life.

This project is based on the method of "Iwate soil measurement project "(2012- 2013)
by citizens of Iwate Prefecture. If the method for collecting the soil is different, the results of monitoring vary greatly.

By using an easy-to-understand manual of the standardized method, you are able to compare,
review and analysis the data from different locations. We will publish the measurement results of soil on this site.
We record the status of the radioactive contamination of Japan carefully from the standpoint of citizens,
and hope that it will help people who are living with anxiety. For the people overseas, we are preparing the English version
of data to show where and how much radioactively contaminated.

To run this project, big budget for measurement cost and update cost of web systems are required.
There are 300 locations in each 17 prefectures in Eastern Japan, and each place costs about 4,000 yen.
Although it is planned to reduce costs and to ask for volunteers as much as possible, still the costs such as measurement costs,
project management costs and Web systems costs are expected to some extent also.

It is a project of the scale that no one even challenged yet. We rely on your generosity to help funding for this project.
We would appreciate your support from abroad. Thank you for your cooperation and support.
The information page of "East Japan soil measurement project" is currently in preparation. It will be published shortly.

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