How can I support MDS?



1)Measurement !

Income from fees for measurement is a source of support for independent radioactivity measurement laboratories.
The data from measurement paid for by individuals is included in the MDS and made available to many citizens.

In addition, it is satisfying to know the results of your measurement in detail.
In this way, paying for a measurement has a triple positive impact.
Please measure food or soil from neighborhoods you are concerned about at your local measuring laboratory.

2)Dissemination !

MDS can be a data site for everyone in a true sense, when it is publicized and utilized by many people.
Please introduce and disseminate the MDS through Twitter, Facebook and so on.


MDS is based on the voluntary participation of independent radioactivity measurement laboratories across the nation.
Support your local measurement laboratories by donating your skill, through helping with office work,
measurement, event support, and so on.


Members of the operation committee management volunteer their time to support system development,
design, and daily work on the MDS.
Members work hard by taking shifts at their measurement laboratories.
Please support the daily management of the MDS by donating your relevant skill.

Your voluntary participation in office work is welcomed.


 It’s a balancing act, supported by the membership fees of participating measurement laboratories and donations from citizens.
Funds for constructing a new system for improved soil measurement are needed. 
We always appreciate donations from individuals for maintaining our project.
We are planning new projects and will continue to publish data free of charge.