About the Organization


 Minna no Data Site (MDS) is a joint project. Tokai No Nukes Network for Future Generations Citizens' Radiation
Measuring Center (C-lab), Kodomomirai Radiation Measurement Station for Children and Future (Kodomira RMS)
and the Takagi Fund for Citizen Science together form the secretariat of the MDS,
with the participation of independent radioactivity measurement laboratoriesfrom all over the county. 

The project is managed by the operation committee, and committee members are selected from among
participating independent radioactivity measurement laboratories. The project is done in cooperation with
the Scanning the Earth Project at Keio Gijuku University.   

Mr. Hidetake Ishimaru (Kodomira), Ms. Shoko Ohnuma (C-lab), and Mr. Tamotsu Sugenami , (Takagi Foundation)
are joint representatives. Mr. Hidetake Ishimaru has been appointed director.