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●Site map

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●Four main contents section

Minna no Data Site (MDS) consists of the four main contents.

        ■About MDS

         It contains several issues which help you to understand about our website; concepts, organization,
         and remarks when you use this site.


   ■Searching Food Data

    MDS is the database of radioactivity in food and the environment consists of the data provided
    form the independent laboratories in Japan.

           In this contents, you can search and find the results by category of food, time: date of measurement,
           place of production and so on.


   ■East Japan Soil Measurement project

    This measurement project of soil is organized by citizens and started in October 2014. 

    We describe why and how this project started.  There are also the information of the summary of this project.

        *Currently only Japanese pages are available.

   ■Lab info 

    This is the information page about the Japanese independent radioactivity measuring laboratories participating in MDS.