Precautions on MDS Data Usage


This site is operated by the MDS Operation Committee.

The measurement of radioactivity invariably includes errors.
 Please refer to the values while understanding that the results of multiple measurements will vary
 even if measured under the same conditions.

Usage of MDS Data

・Though the rights of ownership of data included in the MDS dataset reverts to MDS and each independent
   radioactivity measurement laboratory, the reuse of data is permitted.

   A CSV format for data download is being developed. When using the data, clearly indicate MDS as the source
   and follow the conditions for utilization mentioned below.

      • We shall not take any responsibility for damages and losses that are caused by the publication and utilization
         of this data. All responsibility for the results of usage of the data lies with the user.

      • Data in the MDS dataset is provided solely for references and no assessment of safety is made by MDS.
         The measurement of radioactivity invariably includes errors and variation under different conditions.

         Absolutely correct values do not exist.

      • Cutting out, extraction, and falsification of data which intentionally creates misunderstanding is strictly prohibited.
         The distribution of the results by publication, on internet site and any other tools is also prohibited.

      • All original data included in the MDS dataset is owned by the originating measurement laboratory.
         Detailed information which is not included in the MDS, such as spectral data, can be usually obtained from
         each laboratory.
         In case of questions about the results, please inquire to the relevant laboratory for further information.

  The Usage of MDS Contents such as Data and Pictures for Distribution and Presentation

• Linking to the MDS web site is unrestricted.
  Please use the banner on such web documents. It is not necessary to contact to us.
  However, linking by websites and SNS in the following categories is prohibited.

      • Websites which includes contents libelous to MDS

      • Websites which include contents which will damage the reputation of MDS by offending public order and decency

      • Websites which include contents that are criminal acts, are related to criminal acts, or promote the risk of criminal acts.

      • Websites which provide information which violates or has a risk of violating laws, regulations, and bylaws

• Copying and printing the PDF contents published on the MDS website is permitted for non-profit purposes such as
  seminars and training. MDS must be indicated as the source. Damage and loss from usage is not the responsibility of MDS.
  All responsibility for the results of data usage lies with the user.

• In terms of sales and publication of information on MDS, copying and distribution without permission is prohibited.
  The prior permission of the manager for each document is needed.

Prohibited Items

• The copyright of logos and character designs on MDS reverts to the manager of MDS. Usage without permission is prohibited.
  When necessary, request permission in advance.