Concept of Minna no Data Site


(MDS)ーCombined Database of Independent Radioactivity Measurement Labs MDS is composed of three main elements; 
Measurement Laboratories, Data, and Users. These three elements interact in a cyclical fashion. 

Measuring Data is saved and archived, as measurements conducted by each Laboratory at the request of Users. 
The cyclical feedback loop allows data to be accumulated in depth. 
The cycle also allows the number of Users to increase by supplying user-friendly Data through the MDS System.
The organization and objectives of measurement laboratories varies. 
Users also have a wide variation of needs, ideas, and ways they intend to use the data; 
their aims and status vary. 
Users include ordinary citizens, researchers, sample donors, site viewers and so on. 

MDS takes these different needs into account and tries to archive objective data for a wide range of users to enable them 
to utilize the data for their own purposes. MDS is based on a concept of three overlapping elements, and 
a system (site) that connects them at the center.